An interesting way to learn about an old European city

That is what you get when trying out this escape room


In recent years, there has been a new type of experience entertainment that many people have tried and love it. It blends the world of fun, educational and teamwork into one and they are called escape rooms. The idea is that you and group of your friends or family members get locked in a room that has a specific theme. There are clues and puzzles scattered around it that in the end help you escape the room. They have become incredibly popular all around the world and now there is a new one that has come to Croatia.

Respublica Obscura Dubrovnik Escape Room

It’s called Respublica Obscura Dubrovnik Escape Room and it is a escape room that is based on the Croatia city of Dubrovnik and is also located in the same city. It’s meant to take you back to the 17th century, where this city is a key trade post in Europe but is now caught in the middle of a war that is raging on between the Christian West and Ottoman East of Europe. While the war is going on, a secret society of people who wear masks are trying to overthrow the republic and take over the country. You and your friends must stop them by first escaping the room, which is littered with clues, puzzles and interesting historical facts. This one the most interesting things to do in Dubrovnik when you come to visit, while also being a great way to learn more about the city. For more details click here;


So, if you are looking for something fun, interesting and cool to do when you are in Dubrovnik, then don’t things anymore and try out this Dubrovnik escape room with your family or friends.